City of Books

30 May

It was a literature capstone that started it, the novels sticking out from dystopian and pornographic volumes like a pair of rubies in a handful of rubble.  Later, when she was able to think about the books that she had read that semester, she would conclude that these volumes had made the semester worthwhile.  But that was much later.


As for Spear, there is little that need detain us.  Who she was, where she came from, and what she did are of no great importance.  We know, for example, that se was a non-traditional student.  We know that she had studied English and that she had given her summer reading over to the work of an important, enigmatic novelist.  To be precise, she would be reading all of Paul Auster’s published fiction and writing about it on a blog that bears these facts: the Summer of Auster.


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